You have reached the The LightLiving Foundation’s website.  We are the parent and legal guardian of the LightLiving Project. More information on this (the LightLiving Laboratory) and on the philosophy and ideas behind it (Information Warehouse) can be obtained from the respective tabs above.

This Foundation’s efforts are currently focused on getting the LightLiving Laboratory up and running.  Key is the acquisition of suitable land. The Laboratory is intended to be the development centre for what is eventually intended to be a network LightLiving communities spanning the globe.  Given a sufficiently strong network, it is envisaged that their way of living will be adopted by the rest of the world : we intend nothing more, and nothing less, than the creation of a new way of being that will be so attractive and relevant that most people will wish to adopt it voluntarily.  We are creating the new ‘mainstream’.

The Laboratory’s two-part mission is –

to define, and develop steps and models towards, a future in which humanity will live in harmony with itself, nature, the planet and the cosmos, and
– to develop the concept of a LightLiving community to fully embody this future.

We believe that this is probably one of the most exciting holistic projects under development anywhere in the world.  Once you are fully briefed on the underpinning ideas and principles a dhow we propose to implement them, we expect you most likely to agree.

As a species we stand at an extraordinary juncture in our evolution which demands a radical overhauls of our attitude towards, and relationship with, our extended environment.  Of course, we need first to be in agreement that we are indeed continuing to evolve, rather than see ourselves at the end of evolution.

The LightLiving Project is ‘ new-scientific’ in nature : it not bases itself on the premise that we are evolving and that what  new-science is quietly telling us is demonstrably true, namely that (a) at quantum level, we are all connected, effectively are all one, and (b) we can now be certain that mind, particularly when consciously applied, can, and does, shape matter.

What do we see as the main characteristic of this evolution : our increased capacity to accept and own that consciousness is an integral part of us!  The greater our understanding of what consciousness represents, the closer we get to really embracing our spirituality.  We are beings of body, mind and spirit, whether we acknowledge it or not.

The exciting dimension of what lies ahead is that consciousness promises to become the central theme in the lives of many more people, their numbers eventually increasing to the critical mass required to change the world.  Once consciousness becomes part of our moment to moment existence, it is inevitable that we fully understand what ‘being spiritual’, or ‘being a spiritual-being’ really means, and live and behave according to this knowing.  For sure it is not something that requires special rituals, clothing or words!

Many of us have known since forever that we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical existence; indeed, many teachings, entire civilisations and cultures have been based on this view, particularly in historical times.  But, alas, it was not they with this deep knowing that shaped today’s world. We have the power to destroy all life on planet Earth, either quickly, through weapons of mass destruction, or slowly, through our continuing looting of the world’s resources and our misdirected way of living. Our intelligence and very abilities has taken us to a point at which too many believe that our technology is giving us complete dominion over nature, precisely at the moment when we need to be waking up to the fact that we are an integral part of nature and need re-learn to integrate into it.

The current phase of evolution we have entered into represents the beginnings of some very fundamental change.  Only those who have had the time to think (and intuit) about these matters, and perhaps have had the good fortune to stumble across wisdom held in trust for these times, can have any conception of how fundamental this change promises to be.  It will take a little time to manifest fully, perhaps some decades, but its emergence is inevitable.  The LightLiving Project is an early product of this shift.

Where can such certainty come from?  As a matter of fact, from a variety of directions and sources.  The most tangible perhaps lies at the fringes and outer reaches of our science, where the scientist has begun to enter the world previously only inhabited by mystics, and less effectively, and mostly lacking in purity, religion :  before he died, Einstein postulated that after you split an atom some 200 times or so, there is nothing left to split, yet something had to be there. He concluded this something had to be thought, and then he became convinced it had to be love.

Love, the building block of the entire manifest, material world! Start carrying that thought (we expand a bit more on this in our Information Warehouse) and live accordingly!

Science further noticed that the outcome of experiments was influenced by the expectations of the experimenter.  The ‘why’ of this was not fully understood until physics helped explain that in the world of the quantum we are all one and that the mind, through intention, does actually influence and shape matter.  Is our world of today constructed around these insights?  Of course not; but the evidence of these truths is such that it has become irresponsible to carry on as if we did not know about them.  As we now know that so much has, and is, being shaped by mind and intention – ask yourself what the intention (or purpose or mission) of so many of our institutions and individuals is.  Does this help you understand why we need to start changing as fundamentally as our ‘new’ knowledge demands (and our spiritual traditions have advocated since forever)?

One of the keys to seeking fundamental change is not to attempt to change existing practices : there are far too many factors in our human make up, ranging from ingrained interests to fear of change, that make people want hang on to existing and known practices, in defense of the status quo.  Rather, we need to create new models of living and being and showcase these so that others will want to adapt them because of the quality of life and relationships they offer.

The LightLiving Project is about building new models, with a new awareness and consciousness of what we are and what we are truly capable of.  Get these models right, and people’s innate wisdom will want to adopt them towards the emergence of a more conscious and spiritualised world.

The LightLiving communities, particularly the first one, our LightLiving Laboratory, are in effect new-science based environments in which men and women will live and work together.  In these thoughtfully designed and constructed village environments people will demonstrate how a community linked in consciousness conducts itself.

New models for all key elements that shape society will be developed, experimented with, improved and gifted to the world : education; governance; business; agriculture; nutrition; health maintenance; care of sickness; arts; entertainment; family; etc.  The concept of the conscious community and its models of living and being will be developed with transferability, scalability and adaptability fully in mind.  Where examples aligned with conscious living already exist, anywhere, today or historically, these will be adopted and adapted where suitable.

The outcome of the sort of conscious, spiritualised life the laboratory-village intends to develop and demonstrate, will show how humanity can live in harmony with itself, nature, the planet and the cosmos.  Fun, ease, joy, beauty are all words that denote what this future way of living will reflect in everything we do.

If you feel in any way drawn to supporting this project, in one of a myriad of ways, and can feel the adventure its realisation promises, then please be in touch.  Even just a Minute-A-Day will be very welcome. When contacting us, all you will be doing is stating so overtly, as in quantum reality we are already all one and thus totally connected!

As my dear friend Orest Bedrij, author of a number of books on oneness, is wont to say in shorthand ‘I love you (… because you are another wonderful manifestation of myself I am privileged to meet again now)’.

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Peter B Rae
Project Coordinator

Current Stage Project Summary [printable PDF]
The LightLiving Project 17-Sept-2014

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